October 24, 2006 at 12:43 pm 1 comment

I went to a timeshare presentation a few months ago because I have nothing better to do and they offers 2 seaworld tickets (which my sister been wanting to visit).  2 hours of my time for $100 worth of tix (plus 2 nights at Palm spring which probably is another ~$100), not bad! 🙂

Typical, this is what you can expect in a timeshare presentation:

  • First, they show a 5-10 minutes video of people having fun on vacation and how they are so so glad they bought it. 
    • If you are at the resort vicinity, the sales person would take you to one of the model room/suite.
  • Then the sales person sit down and talk number with you. 
    • If you say it’s too expensive, they cut down cost even more and this special price is only available today.
    • If you insist it is still too much or you don’t want it, they bring in the manager to cut down the cost even more. 
  • The whole presentation can take anywhere from 90 minutes to 4 hours (if you buy a timeshare).

I been to several timeshares already so I know the drill. I was very polite to my sales guy and we ended up just chatting. He knows I won’t bite so I was the first one outta there. From him, I learned:

  • Never buy timeshare from corporation. Their best deal will never beat re-sale deal.
    • Always buy re-sale. Re-sale value for timeshare  is usually very low (>50% off).
    • Always check that the timeshare is forever (not a lease).

I have no intention buying timeshare now because I am single and never travel to the same spot. However, if you have a family(4+ people) or travel to same spot annually, timeshare is a great way to vacation and save money. I found this great Timeshare calculator. This calculator helps you determine if the prospective timeshare is a great deal.


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  • 1. Timeshare Boy  |  January 1, 2007 at 12:10 pm

    Alot of people opt to buy directly from another person instead of from a developer selling new unit weeks.

    Timeshare time is usually rated for the demand for the period being associated with it. Usually with Red being the best. There are alot of different programs though.

    Sometimes you can find units in the exact same resorts for even half the price. Of course, if you just want to take the tour and get the money or gifts and deal with the hard sell tactics, if you are able to, you can get free stuff which can be good.

    We have a site section that aggregates timeshare resale listings from several different sources from individual people for anyone actually interested in possibly buying one and getting a better deal.


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