The Spending Diaries

December 25, 2006 at 12:50 am Leave a comment

Do you ever wonder what others spend their money on? I found this NYTimes article, via LA Money Guy, where five New Yorkers revealed how they spent their money.

Their spendings did not seem much until the grand total. It’s surprising how much little expenses added up. Just from the top of my head, here’s my spending for this week (Dec. 18 – 24, 2006).


  • Happy hour at Mediterraneo (for 2 tapas & wine) – $12


  • Dinner at King’s Hawaiian (Chicken with Macadamian nuts) – $12


  • Overnight bus in Thailand – $25
  • Medicine for traveling – $50


  • Lunch at The Bottle Inn (Pasta and split a bottle of wine with 3 others) – $20
  • Parking at The Bridge – $2
  • Dinner (Garlic Sausage) from some store at The Bridge – $6


  • Lunch at Little Sheep Cafe (Hot Pot) – $17
  • Gas – $35


  • Bought more stuff for the trip (toothpaste, Imodium AD and other medicines for just in case, anti-bacterial wipes, etc…) – $35
  • Parking in downtown LA – $5


  • Spending quality time with family on Christmas Eve, at home – Priceless

Total spending for week of 12/18: $219

Wow! Assuming I did not forget any expense (and added up right), I’m frugual! 🙂

However, if I was to do the spending diary for the week of 12/4 (when all my bills and mortgage payment were due), then the expense for that week would be in THOUSANDS. I think monthly (or annual) spending diary is much more representative than a weekly spending diary.

Anyone wants to share his/her monthly spending diary?


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