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Travel Insurance

Do you buy travel insurance when you go on vacation?

I met people from all over the world while traveling through south east Asia last month. The topic of travel insurance came up when the English girl I met on a bus (on Jan. 1) told me about the time she lost everything during one of her backpacking vacation but because she had travel insurance, she could continue her trip. Just out of curiosity, I asked almost everyone I met after her if they bought travel insurance.

Surprisingly, all the Americans I met did not bought insurance butall the non-Americans (European, Australian, Kiwi….) bought travel insurance. A Kiwi told me it’s pretty much a standard for them to always buy travel insurance for vacation that’s one week or longer. However, it is rare for Americans to buy travel insurance.

I did not bought travel insurance because my medical insurance is covered world wide, plus I used credit card for the international flight and the credit card provided travel insurance. Thus , I thought I am cover for most disaster. I suppose that give me enough security to feel invincible. But is that enough?

I wonder why we never really consider travel insurance. Are Americans feel more invincible than others? Or do we just like to save a few bucks?

Do you buy travel insurance?


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