The purpose of "Money Babble" is to make financial planning more interesting and enjoyable for everyone.  

I'm a 26 years old gal that twinges at the thought of financial planning but loves blogging. However, I want to learn more about investment and financial planning so I can have the financial freedom and flexibility to life. I been blogging since 2002, but those blogs are just "sounding walls" for whatever were on my mind. This blog shall serve as a way to make me focus on my financial goals and to make financial planning a habit (and hopefully, more interesting).

I want to have the financial freedom to choose how I spend my time and not worry about how I would support myself.  If I have all the money in the world, I may continue working, or join a dance troop, or take violin lessons, or travel around the world…the possibilities are endless! Furthermore, I would be able to afford a few luxuries such as: dinners at 3 Michelin Stars restaurants, regular spa treatments, gadgets, even more travelings…. I am hoping that one day soon, all my lucky stars would align and I would win the lotto jackpot (I'm a lucky girl but I'm not going to hold my breadth on this one). 

My ultimate goal is to be financially free (~30 years). My definition of financial freedom is to have:

  • Zero debt
  • Passive income of $7,000/month (~$4,000/month after tax)
  • Own two houses, free and clear (a beach house for me, one for the parents)

Long Term Goals (<10 years):

  • Passive income of $1,000/month
  • Buy a beach house
  • Keep current house

Medium Term Goals (< 5 years): 

  • $100,000+ in liquid assets
  • Keep current house

Short Term Goals (<6 months):

  • Streamline my asset allocation
  • Learn and start invest in stocks, mutual funds, and bonds
  • Buy a used car for self and sell mom's old car (maybe this should go into expense)

Constant Goals:

  • Seek passive/investment income opportunities
  • Educate self on investment and passive income generating opportunities
  • Update this blog!!!

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